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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Linux Gaming Live Distribution

(اس تحریر کو اردو زبان میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں)
Linux Gaming Live Distribution is specially designed to play Linux games. This contains good collection of games including LAN/Internet games. The following games are included on the most recent release 0.9.5 (below links are of videos/screen-shots/website/etc, where possible)
  1. ArmagetronAd
  2. Astromenace
  3. Blobby Volley
  4. btanks
  5. Chromium-BSU
  6. Extreme Tux Racer
  7. Foobillard
  8. Frets On Fire
  9. Frozen Bubble
  10. Glest
  11. Hedgewars
  12. lbreakout2
  13. ManiaDrive
  14. Neverball
  15. Neverputt
  16. Nexuiz
  17. OpenLieroX
  18. Pingus
  19. Quadra
  20. Sauerbraten
  21. Scorched 3D
  22. Secret Maryo Chronicles
  23. SuperTuxKart
  24. Teeworlds
  25. TORCS
  26. Tremulous
  27. Urban Terror
  28. Warsow
  29. Warzone 2100
  30. Wesnoth
  31. Widelands
  32. World of Goo Demo
  33. World of Padman
  34. XMoto
Note: some games are present on panels/desktop. All games are on mouse right click button. Other than games there are some applications by clicking mouse right button

Basically this is a live DVD but you can install this on hard disk with some trick (because officially this does not give you any option to install on hard disk). For this you may need already installed Linux. You may need good graphic card for some games. Following are steps
  • Download ISO file Linux Gaming Live Distribution. Be aware that this file is about 4.2 GB  
  • Make a Linux partition of 5 GB size
  • Either extract the ISO file OR copy DVD to that partition
  • Put a entry in grub
    • GRUB 1, put following 4 lines in /boot/grub/menu.lst file
      • title "Put title of your choise i.e Linux Gaming"
      • root (hdX,Y)
      • kernel /boot/vmlinuz26
      • initrd /boot/lg-live.img
      • Note: above 2nd line 'root (hdX,Y)', X is your hard disk # (it starts from 0) and Y is your partition # (in GRUB 1 it also start from 0) i.e if you are installing in 1st hard disk 3rd partition then it would be 'root (hd0,2)'
    • GRUB 2, It may put entry automatically OR put following 5 lines in /etc/grub.d/40_custom
      • menuentry "Put title of your choise i.e Linux Gaming" {
      •    set root=(hdX,Y)
      •    linux /boot/vmlinuz26
      •    initrd /boot/lg-live.img
      • }
      • Note: above 2nd line 'set root=(hdX,Y)', X is your hard disk # (it starts from 0) and Y is your partition # (but in GRUB 2 it start from 1) i.e if you are installing in 1st hard disk 3rd partition then it would be 'set root=(hd0,3)'
      • Do not forget to update GRUB after editing above file by command 'sudo update-grub'
If this all seems difficult to you, you may Request Linux Installation on Linux IC


    1. This is exactly what I was looking for! However when I tried doing what you said I got a "Waiting for boot device" message and the thing wouldn't boot. Do you have any idea? Thanks!

    2. I have tested this with Linux Gaming Live Distribution Release 0.9.5.

      Right now there is Linux Gaming Live Distribution Release 0.9.6

      I am sorry, I have no idea about this message.

      Later on, I may test Release 0.9.6 and write results here.

    3. I have tried to solve Release 0.9.6 problem BUT still in vain :(


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