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YouTube Shortcuts

Have you ever tried the key '?' while playing some YouTube video? It does this... It shows you keyboard shortcut keys for video. GLOBAL Previous video P (SHIFT+p) Next video N (SHIFT+n) Rewind 10 seconds j Fast forward 10 seconds l Toggle mute m Toggle play/pause k Seek backwards by smallest amount possible, when video is paused , Seek forwards by smallest amount possible, when video is paused . Decrease playback rate < (SHIFT+,) Increase playback rate > (SHIFT+.) Toggle full screen f WHEN FOCUSED ON PLAYER Seek backwards by 5 seconds LEFT (key) Seek forwards by 5 seconds RIGHT Increase the volume by 5% UP Decrease the volume by 5% DOWN Close the current dialog or similar dialogs (share panel) ESCAPE Seek to the beginning of the video HOME Seek to the end of the video END If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFF c Rotate through different text opacity levels o Rotate through different window opacity levels w Rotate thro

Cryptocurrencies & my Advice

My advice to all, stay away from the cryptocurrencies for investments. Though you may earn/loose, these investments ultimately vibrates it's prices. You may use cryptocurrencies for normal transactions, that's what it made for.