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Run/Install Zorin OS/Ubuntu/Other Linux ISO file from hard disk

You can run/Install Zorin OS/Ubuntu//Other Linux ISO file from the hard disk using UNetbootin . Following are the steps to run Linux.   Download Zorin OS / Other Linux (leave this step if you already have ISO file) Run UNetbootin Select Diskimage option & browse Zorin OS/Linux ISO file Select hard disk in type & select drive Click OK, so simple :)   It may take some time to finish & give you restart option. After restarting computer, it will give you option to select windows OR Zorin OS/Linux. For removing Zorin OS entry, just run again UNetbootin in Windows, so simple :) Later on when you are satisfied with Zorin OS & want to install properly on your system Be careful, this a is bit advance option to do. Make a free space/Linux partition from Windows OR read 'Repartitioning using Parted Magic' section. Run Linux using the above method & start installation. When if it issue an error 'Failed to unmount partitions' then do this