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FREE Best Operating System - Why Linux is Better - Part 1

Most of people has different opinion about what is the Best Operating System. I have the following reasons Why Linux is the Better or in fact the Best Operating System. What is your opinion? Forget about viruses. You are using the Best Operating System. Is your system unstable? Some operating systems can be so stable that most users never see their systems crash, even after several years. This is true for Linux, the Best Operating System. Linux protects your computer. Don't pay $100 for your operating system. On the other hand, you can get Linux completely free of charge. No more c**pware. None of that with Linux. Freedom! Linux, the Best Operating System, and "Open Source" software are "free". When the system has installed, why would you still need to install stuff? When you get Linux, you also get, without installing many software. Forget about drivers. Update all your software with a single click. Why copy software illegally if you can

Learn FREE Google Hangouts on Air (Live Streaming) in English


Learn FREE Google Hangouts on Air (Live Streaming) in Urdu/Hindi

Learn FREE Google Hangouts on Air (Live Streaming) in Urdu/Hindi. Learn how to record live videos with Google Hangouts on Air. I'm recording this video to demonstrate how to record Google hangouts on air and how to use it. I'm using Windows XP SP3 operating system in this video. Steps are almost the same for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. And computer used is core i3 system with 1 GB RAM. First thing you need is the Google chrome browser. I have already installed it. If you have not yet then do it now. Simply go to Internet Explorer, or whatever browser you are using. Search it 'Google Chrome'. Here is the link The reason we have selected Google Chrome is that both Google Chrome and Google Hangouts on Air are from the same company Google so they more compatible with each other. You can use Hangouts of Air on Firefox if you like. I'm not sure about the Internet Explorer but it do work in