How to reinstall Zorin OS/Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Linux

If you are looking for how to install Linux, please follow this link.

When you are reinstalling, your Linux partition and swap partition are already made.

So start installation (skip easy steps) and on partition step (Allocate drive space) select 'Specify partitions manually (advanced)'.

After that select Linux partition and click 'change....' button.

In 'Use as:' select 'Ext4 journaling file system' OR your own choice and in 'Mount point:' select '/'. This makes it root partition. Click 'OK' and then 'Install Now'.

Remaining steps are easy.


  1. bullcrap! this doesn't tell how to create a swap file which will in fact not happen by itself. eatshite for wasting my time fools.

    1. @Anonymous, man this is about reinstlling. During the steps, it will auto select swap partition if it was ever made in 1st install.

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