FREE Best Operating System - Why Linux is Better - Part 1

Most of people has different opinion about what is the Best Operating System. I have the following reasons Why Linux is the Better or in fact the Best Operating System. What is your opinion?

Forget about viruses. You are using the Best Operating System.

Is your system unstable? Some operating systems can be so stable that most users never see their systems crash, even after several years. This is true for Linux, the Best Operating System.

Linux protects your computer.

Don't pay $100 for your operating system. On the other hand, you can get Linux completely free of charge.

No more c**pware. None of that with Linux.

Freedom! Linux, the Best Operating System, and "Open Source" software are "free".

When the system has installed, why would you still need to install stuff? When you get Linux, you also get, without installing many software.

Forget about drivers.

Update all your software with a single click.

Why copy software illegally if you can get it for free? If you run Linux and install free software, you won't have to worry about this ever again!

Need new software? Don't bother searching the web, Linux gets it for you.

Jump into the next generation of desktops.

Does your digital life seem fragmented? Linux doesn't need defragmenting.

Choose what your desktop looks like. With Linux, the Best Operating System, choice has been brought back to you.

Why does your Windows get slower day after day? Linux lets you spend more time working, less time reinstalling over and over again.

Do something for the environment. Linux runs pretty well on very old machines, they can be recycled for various purposes instead of being thrown out!

No back doors in your software. That's why you can be sure open source software doesn't do bad things behind your back: the community keeps a close eye on all the recipes.

Enjoy free and unlimited support.

Too many windows? Use workspaces.

No big mess in your start menu.

Don't wait years for bugs to be solved; report and track them down.

Are you tired of restarting your computer all the time?

Let your old computer have a second life on the Best Operating System.

Play hundreds of games for free on the Best Operating System.

Help other countries, and your own.

Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, with a single program.

Get a great music player.

The few cases where you should stick to Windows. There is proprietary software you can't live without. You're a hardcore gamer. You work in the book/printing industry. Your hardware is not yet supported.

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