Synchronize Data 2009-08-13-05

(اس تحریر کو اردو زبان میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلیک کریں)


  1. Salaam2U,

    Synchronize Data 2009-08-13-05.vbs Link =
    A small utility program (Synchronize Data 2009-08-13-05.vbs) written by me (& used some code from the Internet). As its name suggest it synchronizes the data. Basically I made this program for my self. When I was studying, I used to work on my PC at university hostel & PCs at university Labs. I have to take backups of data from both sides. Some time some of my latest data was present at PC at hostel & some time at university. So I need to take backups of data into flash data drives. It is difficult to remember that what files/folder you have updated & needs backup. Normally people copies all the data again & again but actually they needs few file/folders to backup instead of all. You people may have faced this problem?

    Attached file is the solution of the above problem(s). You have to select the source/destination folders & the rest of the work is done by the program. It makes list of new/edited files & just copies that files/folders. So save time & space. If you need full synchronization, apply this tool one time from source to target then from target to source. So that both the folder are fully synchronized.

    For some safety reason, I have DISABLED one good option in which source folder's newer files will be copied on older files at destination without confirmation. Due to this you have to select one "Yes/No/All" when newer file needs to be overwritten on old file. If such option comes, It is good to select "All", so that the next all newer file fill be copied without needing confirmation. OR if you want to know which files are newer, you may overwrite "Yes/No" one by one. As you like, no comments.

    And the last section. If you get benefit of it, please remember me in your prays. If you did not get benefit of it, even though, I request you to remember me in your prays, I will be grateful to you.

    Hope, up to this point, you will be fully bored. So have a fun to view below link & links at the end.
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    Aamir Shahzad


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