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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Free Online OCR Service

You can get text from images of type jpg, pdf etc. This service allows you to recognize, convert and store documents.


  1. Have you tried Free Online OCR? It is pretty quick and very accurate.

  2. While searching for a free online OCR service to text my image documents, i found that most of the online services give roughly the same accuracy given high image quality. I recently came across a new service, which provides a good balance between high accuracy and usability. So far, the service does not imply any limitations on the user input, no ads, 33+ langaues, multiple image formats.

  3. And 3 years on, there is now, which also recognizes some languages written R-L (Arabic, Hebrew) but not Indo-european ones (Urdu, Farsi).

    Do you now an online OCR tool that recognizes Urdu, perhaps? I'm asing because someone sent me an Urdu text as a .gif attachment and I don't know Urdu, not even to copy the content as text without understanding it. But I'd like to have it automatically translated by .

  4. @Almansi, me too don't know. If there are few images, I can offer my services.

    If you like to write/read Urdu language (Unicoded), please follow this link

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  6. nice sharing follow me imain na b ap o follow ker lea hay

  7. I find another free online ocr to convert image to text, it supports 40+ languages, and can save converted text to editable txt file and searchable pdf document.

  8. Plz any one give me link of onlien OCR and Link to download Urdu Ocr Software

    1. There are few, paid. Please check this


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