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(اس تحریر کو اردو زبان میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں)
Here I will put my comments on the different web sites, blogs, facebook etc with respective links as a comment on this post. i.e in the comment on name, I will put the topic name & in the link I will put the link of respective site. And the comment box will contains the comment of mine on different sites.

So this will serve as a collection of my comments on different website as well as a reference my original comments. So no body misuse my comments.

I have already adopted the same procedure on my Urdu blog on the following link.

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  1. Thanks 4 this good video & info. I too disagree with you on desktop Linux usage. Now a days Linux is very usable for many users. Just it needs to be installed as many people got Windows pre-installed :) Have a look on my blog & re-think about Linux Desktop Usage

    1. My exact comment is on this link

  2. You can program in many languages i.e C, C++, Java, Perl etc. Yes there are IDEs i.e Qt Creator for C++, Net Beans for Java or others, Eclipse, Code::Blocks, KDevelop, Gambas similar to Visual Basic, MonoDevelop, etc. Have look on this
    en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Comparison_of_integrated_devel­opment_environments

  3. Thanks for the review. Zorin OS is my favorite OS since version 1. I have used Zorin OS all versions (1 to 5.2). They are impressive, even if you don't consider as it looks like windows. I hope this distro will be going on the top from desktop users prospective. I have used Red Hat 7.2 back in 2001 or 2002, Ubuntu, Vector Linux, xPUD, Urdu Ubuntu, Urdu Slax, Puppy Linux, Linux Mint, Linux Gaming Live Distribution, Luit Linux, etc as well as dual boot with Windows, multiple Linux distro installation. I can easily confirm that it is the best Linux distro I have used so far.

    I have small transparency tip for you :) It is very simple & looks elegant indeed.

    Following are the steps on Zorin OS (I have tested on version 4 & 5/5.2, I hope it is correct for other versions) to Make taskbar/panel transparent on Zorin OS/Ubuntu/Linux.

    Step 1
    Right click on the panel at bottom & select 'Properties'
    Click 'Background' tab
    Select 'Solid color'
    Change the style to select transparency as required

    Step 2
    Right click on the Desktop empty area & select 'Change Desktop Background'
    Click 'Theme' tab
    Click 'Customize'
    Select 'Controls' tab
    Click 'Zorin OS Mac'

    Enjoy transparency :)

  4. Thanks 4 the info. Visit my blog to Learn how to Install Linux Operating System (Complete Video Guide in Urdu Language)
    لینکس کمپیوٹر آپریٹنگ سسٹم انسٹال کرنا سیکھیں (اردو میں مکمل ویڈیو گائیڈ)۔

  5. Mr. Mohsin Ali Waheed thanks for the list. Does making website in WordPress is blogging? Adsensekhazana looks more towards a simple website than a blog. (Yes I know that blog is type of website)

  6. I appreciate, they have done it. BUT alas what they have done with this earth? Atom bomb, war, ...

  7. @Shikamon. Sorry, I don't get the question in first place. You can convert your primary partition into logical.

    Install EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition ... 63346.html
    Right click the partition you want to convert and select Convert to logical
    They apply

    I recommend you to backup your data first for safety reasons. Or for testing purpose, better way is to perform this operation in virtual environment i.e VirtualBox or VMWare Player.

  8. Mine Urdu is also not too good, specially wirtten skills. I got some improvement by writting articles on my Urdu Blog Website, specially I improve spelling mistake. I suggest you the same way

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  10. IDM version 5.05 can be installed on Linux & working fine :)

  11. Change the USB drive i.e different company, sometime it solves the problem

  12. Thank you very much for blogging about Zorin OS. I am also a fan of it.

    Just noticed, there are few comments on your post though you have written very good articles!

    Just sharing with you, I have written an article about Zorin OS in Urdu Language. Here is it's link

  13. Nice to hear your latest Linux story, started from mobile and ended up on desktop :)

  14. What if you have limited access PayPal account :(

  15. Thanks, good review. I like Zorin OS very much. That's why created few video tutorials.

  16. “No, I don’t really play games” normally but when I do then I would like to play following games on Linux i.e supertux, frozen-bubble, pingus, assaultcube, chromium-bsu, xmoto, blobby, njam, ceferino, nibble, , etc. These really nice games any way.


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