Convert Primary Partition to Logical Partition Without Data Loss

On basic disk, you can not create more than four primary partitions. If you need more partitions, you must convert one primary partition into extended partition that will contains logical partitions.

If data is not important, simple way is to delete one primary partition and make one extended partition. Then create many logical partitions in extended partition area.

But when data is important then you can convert this way.

I recommend you to backup your data first for safety reasons. Or for testing purpose, better way is to perform this operation in virtual environment i.e VirtualBox or VMWare Player


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  2. Shukria dear....I was searching for it. I wanted to have dual boot but the limit of primary partitions (4) prevented me from doing so. Actually, I shrank my C drive and got some unallocated space but when i tried to format it, it alerted me that the disk will be converted to a dynamic one (where i couldn't use dual boot) so the only option i was left with, was to convert one primary to logical.


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