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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Zorin OS 15 Review & Zorin Connect Demonstration

Zorin OS 15 looks awesome, more speedy than ex versions, and things are more connected. In fact, its Zorin Connect works great out of the box with your Android mobile phone. Here's my Zorin OS 15 review & Zorin Connect Demonstration.

Zorin OS 15 is out


Zorin OS is a Linux desktop operating system that’s designed for everyone since its first release nearly 10 years ago. Zorin OS 15 desktop combines the most powerful desktop technology with the most user-friendly design.

Main Features

Zorin Connect
New desktop theme
Touch layout
Redesigned apps
Do not disturb mode


Download from this link.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Friday, January 04, 2019

My Acer Chromebook C720 Product Review Sold by Q Store on

Product URL on

Acer Chromebook C730 (Branded) (Slightly Used)

Product Review

Hi/السلام علیکم,

It was very good shopping experience with Daraz throughout all channels.

Acer Chromebook is working fine and in good condition including charger. It was well packed in packet. It's battery time is almost 5 to 6 hours & it's fully charged in almost 1:30 hours.
I think there is bit typos in model #. I received C720 instead of C730. But it's not a big concern for me.

Aamir Shahzad

Q Store Review

Hi/السلام علیکم, It was very good experience with Q Store. Received product was in good condition & well packed. So I recommend Q Store seller for shopping. Regards, Aamir Shahzad

Friday, April 20, 2018

Why Open Source your software & Earnings from it

Why open source your software & earning from open source software.
Thank you Suleman Tariq, STEP-Ciit Attock, Comsats Institute of Information And Technology, Attock Campus
More info

Thursday, January 25, 2018

YouTube Shortcuts

Have you ever tried the key '?' while playing some YouTube video? It does this...

It shows you keyboard shortcut keys for video.


Previous video P (SHIFT+p)
Next video N (SHIFT+n)
Rewind 10 seconds j
Fast forward 10 seconds l
Toggle mute m
Toggle play/pause k
Seek backwards by smallest amount possible, when video is paused ,
Seek forwards by smallest amount possible, when video is paused .
Decrease playback rate < (SHIFT+,)
Increase playback rate > (SHIFT+.)
Toggle full screen f


Seek backwards by 5 seconds LEFT (key)
Seek forwards by 5 seconds RIGHT
Increase the volume by 5% UP
Decrease the volume by 5% DOWN
Close the current dialog or similar dialogs (share panel) ESCAPE
Seek to the beginning of the video HOME
Seek to the end of the video END
If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFF c
Rotate through different text opacity levels o
Rotate through different window opacity levels w
Rotate through font sizes (increasing) +
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing) -
Seek to specific point in the video (7 advances to 70% of duration) 0..9
When viewing a spherical video, pan up w
When viewing a spherical video, pan left a
When viewing a spherical video, pan down s
When viewing a spherical video, pan right d
When viewing a spherical video, zoom in + on numpad or ]
When viewing a spherical video, zoom out - on numpad or [

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