Saturday, March 05, 2011

Run/Install Zorin OS/Ubuntu/Other Linux ISO file from hard disk

You can run/Install Zorin OS/Ubuntu//Other Linux ISO file from the hard disk using UNetbootin. Following are the steps to run Linux.

  • Download Zorin OS/Other Linux (leave this step if you already have ISO file)
  • Run UNetbootin
  • Select Diskimage option & browse Zorin OS/Linux ISO file
  • Select hard disk in type & select drive
  • Click OK, so simple :)
It may take some time to finish & give you restart option. After restarting computer, it will give you option to select windows OR Zorin OS/Linux.
For removing Zorin OS entry, just run again UNetbootin in Windows, so simple :)
Later on when you are satisfied with Zorin OS & want to install properly on your system
  • Be careful, this a is bit advance option to do. Make a free space/Linux partition from Windows OR read 'Repartitioning using Parted Magic' section. Run Linux using the above method & start installation. When if it issue an error 'Failed to unmount partitions' then do this command in terminal 'sudo umount -l -r -f /cdrom' & then click Continue, source. Remaining steps are as usual. Installation tested successfully with Zorin OS 2 Live 32 Bit, etc.
  • OR you can make a Zorin OS USB with UNetbootin & install from USB
  • OR burn ISO file on a DVD & install from DVD


    1. Aamir bhai help me, I need to install zorin but the problem is when I boot the system via Unetbootin and run live system, When I try to install it does not give me option to install "Along side windows" I want a dual boot for both windows and zorin. Secondly I have created unallocated space of 40 GB in my hard drive, but while installing it only shows two partitions one for the Windows 7 and takes other 3 or 4 partitions as a whole NTFS system. What to do? Do I need to create a partition (EXT Type) for installation? Let me know, Thanks. Faheem.

    2. Whenever it does not give you the option "Along side with windows", you have to do it manually. For that click Z button and type Gparted, this is Linux partitioning program. Click unallocated space or resize some partition and create ext4 partition from it. Then start installation process and do it manually i.e select ext4 partion as root (symbol for root is /)

    3. For remaining/all process watch my video

      Learn to Install Linux Operating System (Complete Video Guide in Urdu Language)

      لینکس کمپیوٹر آپریٹنگ سسٹم انسٹال کرنا سیکھیں (اردو میں مکمل ویڈیو گائیڈ)۔

    4. Hi, followed your guide to create a bootable Zorin OS 6.0 Ultimate on a 8GB flash drive, but when i got to install and boot from the flash drive, it gives me the "Multiple" Partitions error and nothing happens.. what is one to do?

      1. the specific error is "Multiple Active Partitons"

      2. Please follow this post & videos. Start video Part 1 from 8th minute

        Do let me know if you find any problem

    5. I used UNetbootin to create the USB, so I tried rebooting from USB but it just says 'no operating system found' and I have to go back to windows. Any Idea what I've done wrong?!?!

    6. Try some other USB. Some time USB is not supported try other company USB.

    7. it does not give me option to install "Along side windows" how can i do it

    8. I used a dvd and usb both to boot and it freezes. I even checked if the file was corrupt but it was not. I select boot live then it freezes on the spinning icons. When I used the usb the same thing happened but maybe twice it actually loaded the live system but as soon as i clicked something it froze I put the live dvd that i burned into my sisters pc and it worked fine i dont understand what is wrong here and if it was my pc that was the problem why wouldnt the usb work please help

    9. @brandon balmer, which Linux OS you are trying. May be try some other i.e Zorin OS 3 may ron on your system while Zorin OS 5 may not.

    10. @Anonymous, yes sometime it does not. Then you have to partition hard disk manually & try 'Something else' option

    11. hello, i just tryed to install zorin 3 times now, what i did is i got it onto a flash drive in my windows 7 using UNetBooten, i can run it and go through the install process to install alongside my windows operating system. i have a 900gb secondary internal hard drive where i have a 500gb partition that i want to install it on. i have no clue how to do that so i just did the recomended settings in the Zorin install and draged the slider thingy until i got to about halfway through. went through the whole install process and now when i reboot it just starts windows and i cant start Linux without booting from the flash drive and anything i create or save in the Zorin, that i booted from the flash drive, is not saved. i know that there is an advanced option where i think i see all of my partitions but they are all named weird and i have no clue which is my 500gb partition. I'm sorry this is so long but i have been trying all week to figure this out. thank you and have a nice day :)

    12. my installation says unable to create root.cache how do i fix this thnx

    13. Whenever I boot zorin os 8 it brings up the z and and all that jazz then it brings me to a terminal and after that im lost


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